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October 30, 2018

Jonar ERP


About Jonar ERP

ERP systems don’t have to be costly, overly complicated or difficult to use. With the best functionality and flexibility on the market, ParagonERP is the most complete truly Cloud-based ERP you can find. It’s out-of-the-box features make it the most affordable because there’s no need for special modifications or customizations for the software to operate. ParagonERP can be customized and adapted to any business process or workflow using automations and rules that the users can establish on their own. It requires little training to get it setup and configured, bringing cost savings month over month.

ParagonERP is designed for any type of business handling inventory, services or a combination of both. Medium-sized companies who have needs beyond a basic accounting system or who are using a combination of individual applications are great candidats for ParagonERP, but it can be used by any size business with inventory needs.

With ParagonERP, everything is included in a single price, and there are no hidden costs.  Unlike other ERPs, ParagonERP does not require additional integrations with expensive customizations in order for the ERP to fit the business needs.

The ideal target market is companies that are small to medium sized with 5-50 users (“SME”) that manage physical/tangible inventory with or without service offerings, including:

Business activities:

  • Buy/Sell finished goods
  • Distribution and warehousing with multiple locations
  • Import/Export
  • Manufacturing
  • Assembly and partial assemblies


  • Fashion accessories, home goods and apparel
  • Health and Beauty manufacturing and distribution
  • Custom manufacturing like windows and furniture
  • Food and beverage distribution
  • Electronic Parts Manufacturers
  • Home services such as plumbers, HVAC and electricians

Business types:

  • Ecommerce (B2C)
  • Wholesale
  • Manufacturing
  • Distribution


  • Local operations with one currency and one language
  • Worldwide operations with multi-currency and multi-language requirements
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