Become an ERP Seek affiliate today and start earning – ERPSeek

Become an ERP Seek affiliate today and start earning

Referral Partner Program

Share our success by joining our partner referral program. If you know of an small to medium organization that could benefit from some of our software,
or applications, this is a very rewarding way to go.
  • Commissions up to 20%
  • Renewal commissions for qualified partners
  • No financial investment or program fees
  • Short sales cycle on in-demand products
  • Pre-sales, post-sales, billing and customer support

Recommend our solutions to your network and let us do the rest!!

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Become an Affiliate today and boost your earnings!

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If you need any help with sign-up, the program, banner implementation or anything else, we are happy to be of service. Please e-mail us with any questions, comments or concerns at

How do I get paid?

We'll distribute your payments once a month via PayPal. If you don't have a PayPal account, create one here

Do I get paid for free accounts?

We don't currently pay commissions for free accounts but you will get paid once they upgrade!

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